August is International Childfree, International Mahjong, National Girlfriends, National Raspberry Cream Pie, Respect For Parents and more!

International Childfree Day

Every year on August 1, the International Childfree Day takes place. On this day, show your love and respect those who choose to live a child-free life.

International Mahjong Day

International Mahjong Day is a game that gets the holiday off to a good start on August 1st. Play your tiles well, and with a win, you may well mark the day's victory...

National Coloring Book Day

On August 2nd, National Coloring Book Day recognizes the joy children and adults alike derive from coloring in pages of designs..

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, on August 2nd, encourages us to cool with one of our favorite frozen treats. If it's vanilla, strawberry, or Neopolitan among two chocolate wafers, the dessert is sure to hit the spot on a hot summer day.

National Georgia Day

We began honoring each state in the order they were born in the union, beginning with Hawaii and ending with Hawaii on Independence Day. We've chosen a small piece of each state's past, foods, and the people who make up the state. There's so much more to discover, but we can't help but celebrate our beautiful country even more.

National Grab Some Nuts Day

National Almond Day, National Pistachio Day, and National Pecan Day are among the year's nut days, but August 3rd celebrates them all. It's National Grab Some Nuts Day!

International Clouded Leopard Day

The clouded leopard's plight is highlighted on International Clouded Leopard Day, August 4th, raising concerns of the plight of the clouded leopard. Both in the wild and captivity, the clouded leopard needs our assistance to maintain its current population numbers and increase.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on August 4th gives us the opportunity to dunk America's most popular cookie. Pour a glass of milk and enjoy, whether yours are handmade or storebought.

International Traffic Light Day

Every year on August 5th, International Traffic Light Day highlights the importance of the traffic light. Every year, the traffic light is on display. It's also a day that commemorates the installation of the first traffic signal system..

National Oyster Day

National Oyster Day is on August 5th, so get slurping on August 5th! In several parts of the world, oysters are popular as seafood.

National Fresh Breath Day

On National Fresh Breath Day, annually on August 6th, pop a mint and smile on National Fresh Breath Day. Dental hygiene and its importance are emphasized throughout the day. The day dedicated to combating bad breath is celebrated by Dentists and oral care specialists.

National Root Beer Float Day

We'll float a scoop of vanilla ice cream in an ice-cold mug of frothy root beer on August 6th. Generations of people love this classic beverage. The classic beverage creates a creamy treat that has been loved by generations.

National Lighthouse Day


National Raspberries N’ Cream Day

On August 7th, enjoy fresh berries in cream as part of National Raspberries N' Cream Day. What better way to celebrate than with this simple and delicious dish as the raspberry season is in full swing...

International Cat Day


International Infinity Day

You're halfway there to celebrating if you find yourself asking why August 8 is International Infinity Day. Everyone has the opportunity to honor the number 8 in all its uniqueness on this day.. If you're a deep thinker, a question box, or a problem solver, we encourage you to celebrate #InternationalInfinityDay with a thirst for knowledge.

International Coworking Day

es place on August 9th every year, International Coworking Day commemorates the contributions of the coworking movement. It's also a day to remind ourselves that we are all part of something greater than ourselves.

National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day, August 9th, brings together all the excitement bibliophiles feel about books into one celebration...

Agent Orange Awareness Day

Agent Orange Awareness Day, which takes place on August 10th each year, gives details about Agent Orange's effects. It also serves as a reminder of the long-term harm that a single decision can do.

Global Kinetic Sand Day

Every year, Global Kinetic SandTM Day honors the magically fun sand that is so bizarre, you can't put it down! The creative possibilities are endless with Squish, mix, slice, and mold Kinetic Sand to any shape you like. You can feel the movement through your fingers, almost like real sand, but without the mess!

National Presidential Joke Day

Every year on August 11th, National Presidential Joke Day is celebrated.

International Youth Day

Each year, we observe International Youth Day (IYD) on August 12. On this day, we celebrate youth around the world to celebrate the promising future in today's society. In addition, the day brings global attention to the problems youth face in their everyday lives..

National Julienne Fries Day

Everyone fries up skinny sliced potatoes for a delectable and crispy treat each year on National Julienne Fries Day, August 12th.

International Left Handers Day

All those people who have mastered using their left hand in a right-handed world will be honored on August 13th. We handcuff our hats to you, left-handed!

National Filet Mignon Day

National Filet Mignon Day, August 13th, commemorates a special cut of beef. Usually, from a steer or heifer, a filet mignon is a steak cut from the beef carcass' tenderloin.

National Creamsicle Day

On August 14th, the creamy citrus dessert on a stick is celebrated on National Creamsicle Day. What better way to refreshment than with a creamsicle!

National Navajo Code Talkers Day

Native Americans who contributed to the World War II effort each year on August 14th, National Navajo Code Talkers Day honors the contributions of the Native Americans who contributed their unique skills to the World War II effort. In addition, the day highlights their impact on U.S. code and the Native American words that made it possible.

National Leathercraft Day

The rich heritage, artistry, and craftsmanship of leathercrafting were all lauded on August 15th.

National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

Pie enthusiasts and lemon lovers alike will celebrate National Lemon Meringue Pie Day on August 15th.. In this delectable tart, tart lemon curd and delicate meringue blend together..

National Airborne Day

The military's airborne divisions of the Armed Forces were commemorated on August 16th on the military's National Airborne Day.

National Roller Coaster Day

People come from amusement parks for a thrill, a few thrilling screams, and the National Roller Coaster Day each year on August 16th. Near you, take a ride on a roller coaster.

National Nonprofit Day

On August 17th, National Nonprofit Day (NND) celebrates the nonprofits' goals and positive impacts on communities and the planet.

National Fajita Day

National Fajita Day celebrates the smoky delectability of the savory Tex-Mex flavor found in fajitas on August 18th.

National Ice Cream Pie Day

On August 18th, National Ice Cream Pie Day is annually observed. This is August's second ice cream holiday in August, and it honors a light frozen dessert that comes in a variety of delectable flavors.

International Bow Day

Bows are recognized on August 19, the accessory that has been trending for centuries – bows!! Adding accessories makes just about every look so much better.

International Orangutan Day

The love of orangutans is shared on orangutans' International Orangutan Day, August 19th, raises concerns about the danger of their extinction. Celebrate these amazing apes and encourage the public to take action in safeguarding them.

National Accessible Air Travel Day

On August 20, National Accessible Air Travel Day (NAB) focuses on the need for affordable air travel for people with disabilities.

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

You can have your chocolate and pie too on August 20th, National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day. (National Pecan Pie Day is observed each year if chocolate isn't your preference, but we don't know anyone like it.)

Brazilian Blowout Day

National Blowout Day is August 21st, and it is commemorated on National Brazilian Blowout Day. Start with your stunning locks and show your best self on the day.

National Senior Citizens Day

The achievements of the country's most senior politicians are recognized on National Senior Citizens Day, August 21st. The day gives us the opportunity to express our appreciation for their sacrifice, success, and services provided throughout their lives.

National Bao Day

Wow! says your taste buds on August 22nd, National Bao Day's guarantees your gust buds will be yelling Wow! Why? Why? Because ancient Chinese culinary delicacies often result in oohs and ahhs on food holidays, there are often oohs and ahhs on food holidays.

National Be An Angel Day

National Be an Angel Day, August 22nd, encourages good deeds and kindness to others. We celebrate an angel on earth by helping those in need and inspiring others to kindness. We're an angel here on earth.

Black Ribbon Day

## black ribbon day

National Cuban Sandwich Day

On August 23rd, commemorate a sandwich that originated in Cuba but that grew up in Florida. The National Cuban Sandwich Day is a salute to the flavor found in a toasted pressed sandwich..

International Strange Music Day

On August 24th, International Strange Music Day encourages people to listen to a genre of music they don't usually listen to. It's also a day to discover strange and bizarre forms of music.

National Banana Split Day

National Banana Split Day honors the sweet ice cream treat served with a banana, whipped cream, and a variety of toppings. Get your tickets on August 25th!

National Kiss And Make Up Day

The quarries, arguments, and wars should be put an end, according to National Kiss and Make up Day. Instead, come to an understanding with anyone you've had a disagreement with on National Kiss and Make up Day on August 25th.

National Cherry Popsicle Day

Popsicle enthusiasts around the United States celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day each summer on the 26th of August..

National Dog Day

NATIONAL DOG DAY is August 26th.

National Just Because Day

Just because. National Just Because Day, August 27th, gives you the opportunity to do stuff. So feel free to celebrate this day in any way you please. Just because!

National Pots De Creme Day

The table is set with a delectable custard dessert on August 27th, National Pots De Creme Day. Collect your ramekins now because this day gives you yet another excuse to use them!

International Read Comics In Public Day

The general public is encouraged to read comic books for all to see every year on August 28th, International Read Comics in Public Day. It's also a day to celebrate the various comic genres and styles.

National Bow Tie Day

28th, National Bow Tie Day encourages everyone to wear this style of tie with panache! It's versatile, too. This tie can be used to change your clothing to your mood and atmosphere, whether you want to look dapper or comedic. This tie converts your clothes to your mood and atmosphere.

According To Hoyle Day

Individuals are encouraged to follow the rules and regulations in particular situations, according to Hoyle Day on August 29... It's also a day to honor Edmond Hoyle, an Englishman who was supposed to be the first technical writer on card games...

National Chop Suey Day


International Whale Shark Day

On August 30th, the International Whale Shark Day aims to raise public knowledge of this dazzling sea-dwelling creature. The whale shark's declining numbers warns us of their need for protection and conservation. Marine biologists and aquatic enthusiasts alike are captivated by these gentle giants' fascination with marine biologists and aquatic enthusiasts alike.

National Beach Day

All the sandy beaches around the country are commemorated on August 30th. It also helps keep those cleaning places clean, so we can continue to enjoy them long into the future.

International Overdose Awareness Day

On August 31st, International Overdose Awareness Day focuses on reducing the number of deaths caused by overdose and ending the stigma associated with it. ''s'

National Diatomaceous Earth Day

National Diatomaceous Earth Day, August 31st, honors the diatom and the rare mineral it produces...