December is Antarctica, Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation, Civil Air Patrol, National Eat A Red Apple, National Pie and more!

Antarctica Day

Antarctica Day, December 1st, commemorates the Antarctic Treaty's centennial. It's also a day to learn more about this cold and barren continent.

Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

On December 1st, Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day encourages you to refrain from blurry images each year.

International Day For The Abolition Of Slavery

Every year, the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, draws attention to slavery that still exists in the world. This day, this day also focuses on the eradication of modern slavery.

National Fritters Day

On December 2nd, the National Fritters Day in the United States allows for no frittering away from the time. Make haste and get them while they are hot!

National Roof Over Your Head Day

Starting with the roof over your head, National Roof Over Your Head Day was established as a day to be grateful for what you have. There are several things we take for granted and yet we do not stop to reflect how grateful we are for having them.

Cabernet Franc Day

This rare wine is on display in Bordeaux on December 4th. This is a day to learn more about this style of wine, also known as Cab Franc Day.

International Cheetah Day

International Cheetah Day, every year on December 4th, International Cheetah Day encourages people around the world to help this species win the fight against extinction.

Bathtub Party Day

The Bathtub Party Day encourages us all to avoid the traditional shower and linger in the tub instead.. On December 5th, add some suds to the tub and pamper yourself..

International Ninja Day

International Ninja Day acknowledges the ninja's fascination with the ninja's past and pop culture.

Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day on December 6th commemorates the gift of warmth.. A day to gather mittens, hang them on a Christmas tree, and then give them to those in need.

National Gazpacho Day

On December 6th, the National Gazpacho Day celebrates a delectable soup that cooks serve cold. Andalucia, Spain's southern Spanish region, is home to this traditional tomato-based vegetable soup. Gazpacho is often used in Spanish cuisine, especially during the summer months.

International Civil Aviation Day

On December 7th, the International Civil Aviation Day, which takes place on December 7th, raises concerns about the importance of international civil aviation.. The annual celebration also acknowledges the vital part that civil aviation plays in the establishment of a fast transit network around the world.

National Cotton Candy Day

The spun sugar treat that delights candy enthusiasts of all ages is commemorated on National Cotton Candy Day. On December 7th, get your new version of this sweet treat that dates back to the 1400s..

Bodhi Day

Every year on December 8th, Buddhists commemorated Siddhartha Gautama's discovery of enlightenment by meditation. Bodhi means awakening or enlightenment, according to the word Bodhi.

National Brownie Day

On National Brownie Day, brownie enthusiasts from around the country enjoy one of their favorite baked goods each year on December 8th.

Christmas Card Day

Each year around this time, families and families start sending their holiday cards. The holiday card day on December 9th is a reminder to get your stamps, envelopes, and cards together so you can share your holiday cheer.

International Anti-corruption Day

International Anti-corruption Day, which takes place every year on December 9th, raises public concern about anti-corruption. It also encourages the public to participate in innovative strategies aimed at winning the war against corruption.

Dewey Decimal System Day

Dewey Decimal System Day, December 10th, commemorates a system of classification and the man who created it. Melvil Dewey (1851-1931), a writer from 1851, was born on December 10, 1851. Library classification was created by the librarian using the Dewey Decimal system.

Human Rights Day

The United States Human Rights Day, which takes place on December 10th, annually seeks to commemorate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

International Mountain Day

Every year, on December 11th, International Mountain Day aims to raise concerns about the importance of mountains. The protection of mountains is a key element in sustainable growth.

National App Day

The National App Day on December 11th, which encourages us to explore all of the possibilities that apps have to offer us.

Gingerbread House Day

On December 12th, Gingerbread House Day in the United States honors a family's holiday.

International Universal Health Coverage Day

Every year, December 12th is International Universal Health Coverage Day, as a way to encourage countries to move toward universal Health Coverage (UHC). Access to affordable quality health care is also a human right, according to the day's effort to spread the word that access to affordable quality health care is a human right.

National Cocoa Day

With National Cocoa Day, wehers in a holiday worthy of the winter holidays. What better way to warm up after a cold day outside than outside?

National Violin Day

On December 13th, the bow stringed instrument beloved around the world honors an instrument also known as the fiddle.

Martyred Intellectuals Day

On December 14th, Bangladesh observes Martyr Intellectuals Day every year. This is a day of remembrance for a large number of intellectuals who were killed by Pakistani forces in 1971.

Monkey Day

Every year on December 14th, National Monkey Day commemorates simians' unique features. The day also focuses on other non-human primates such as apes, tarsiers, and lemurs.

Bill Of Rights Day

## Bill of rights day (by presidential proclamation) (by presidential proclamation) (by presidential proclamation)

Cat Herders Day

On December 15th, Catherders Day honors those whose life or work is similar to herding cats.

Barbie And Barney Backlash Day

Barbie and Barney Backlash Day on December 16th allows parents to escape all the repetitious sing-a-longs and storytelling.

National Chocolate-covered Anything Day

Chocolate enthusiasts are celebrating National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. This December 16th is the chocolate day you've been waiting for. Dip and drizzle your favorite foods in every form of chocolate imaginable on this day.

National Maple Syrup Day

For National Maple Syrup Day, get the flapjacks ready. Calls have been received for pancakes, french toast, or biscuits topped off with butter and delectable maple syrup since December 17th.

Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day

Answer the Telephone Like Buddy Buddy The Elf Day, December 18th, encourages everyone to include some elf behavior to their day.

International Migrants Day

Every year on December 18th, International Migrants Day emphasizes the protection of migrants' human rights. The day also honors the contributions and efforts of migrants around the world.

National Hard Candy Day

The sweet tooth in all of us is a favorite of young and old alike, on December 19th.

National Oatmeal Muffin Day

On National Oatmeal Muffin Day, enjoy a hearty breakfast or snack. On December 19th, it's an excellent way to commemorate.

Go Caroling Day

On December 20th, Tune-up your voice so you can join others on Go Caroling Day! Caroling is the act of performing Christmas songs from door to door as a form of celebration. carol is a joyful song or dance.

Mudd Day

Dr. Samuel Muddd's birthday is annually observed on December 20th, a man whose name was mud after his dealings with one man. Until then, Muddd Day is a national holiday.

Crossword Puzzle Day

On December 21st, Crossword Puzzle Day celebrates the birth of a popular word game enjoyed by millions around the world.

Humbug Day

On December 21st, Humbug Day honors Ebenezers, the Scrooges, grinches, and curmudgeons who suck the joy out of the holiday season.

Anne & Samantha Day - Day Of Summer & Winter Solstice

Anne Frank and Samantha Smith are honored bi-annually on the summer solstice and the winter solstice.

Forefathers' Day

Each year, Forefathers' Day in Plymouth, Massachusetts, commemorates the Pilgrim Fathers' landing on December 21, 1620. The Old Colony Club of Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1769, the observance was held in 1769. On December 22nd (except on Sunday, then on Monday, then the following Monday), The town observes the holiday.

National Pfeffernusse Day

National Pfeffernuse Day, a German spice cookie, is reserved for December 23rd. pfeffernüsse are fluffy cookies made with ground nuts and spices and coated in powdered sugar, making them extremely popular around the holidays.

National Roots Day

Families are encouraged to investigate their family roots, heritage, and ancestry on December 23rd.

National Eggnog Day

On the day before Christmas, National Eggnog Day raises a holiday toast.. Eggnog is also known as egg milk punch, and it's a common drink in the United States during the holidays.

A'phabet Day Or No 'l' Day

The A'Phabet Day, or No L Day on December 25th, is a nodo to Christmas Day. A pun on the word No.l, which is especially noticeable during Christmas because it means to be born.

National Pumpkin Pie Day

On December 25th, National Pumpkin Pie Day dishes up the slice many Americans are looking for around the dinner table. As they enjoy time with family or friends, they also take the time to celebrate the ever-humble and often favored pumpkin pie.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is held in every year on December 26th in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other Commonwealth countries. During Queen Victoria's reign in the 19th century, this annual tradition began in the United Kingdom.

National Candy Cane Day

Candy enthusiasts will be able to celebrate the red and white striped candies that are popular during the holidays on December 26th..

National Fruitcake Day

On December 27th, fruitcake enthusiasts young and old in the United States commemorate National Fruitcake Day each year.

Holy Innocents Day

Every year on December 28th, Holy Innocents Day is observed. As told in Matthew 2:16: The day commemorates the execution of the innocent, male children in Bethlehem.

National Card Playing Day

On December 28th, National Card Playing Day encourages us to try a hand and play a game or two.

National Pepper Pot Day

A soup with deep roots and a mythology to go with it is commemorated on National Pepper Pot Day. Explore the flavors and history of the filling dish on December 29th..

Tick Tock Day

Tick Tock Day, which is annually observed on December 29th, reminds us to finish any unfinished projects that may need to be addressed before the year's end..

Bacon Day

On Bacon Day, bacon enthusiasts celebrate one of nature's most coveted gifts on Bacon Day, on December 30th each year. The day reminds us that bacon isn't just for breakfast and encourages us to try out various ways to enjoy this culinary wonder.

Falling Needles Family Fest Day

The Falling Needles Family Fest Day on December 30th serves as a reminder to clean up and recycle the live Christmas tree.

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day is listed as an observance only. Scientists do not make changes every year. Some years scientists do not make changes. If they do, it will be either June 30 or December 31.

Make Up Your Mind Day

On December 31st, Make Up Your Mind Day encourages us to avoid wavering, to take a stand, and stick to it.