National 311 Day March 11
Sat Mar 11th

National 311 Day

ergency services throughout the country on 311 is a resource for communities around the country to connect with their city and non-emergency services. The 311 system is the non-emergency number to call in several cities around the country for residents to report problems, find out about city services, and ask questions.

Non-emergency calls have slowed operators' response times to real emergencies since the introduction of the 911 emergency system. As a way to relieve pressure on the overburdened 911 system, Baltimore, Maryland, first 311 system was installed in 1996. The new technology enabled emergency phone lines to be dispatched and reduced wait times for emergency calls, assisting 911 dispatchers in getting emergency services to people who need them more quickly, ultimately saving lives. In addition, the citizens were encouraged to be the city's eyes and ears by the 311 system, which was also more closely linking the public sector to its citizens.

Citizens call the 311 number to report problems they find in their own towns. Residents' surveys include: Here are some examples of the kinds of reports that people read include:

  • graffiti
  • Road, park, or fence damage can be caused by road, park, or fence collapses
  • debris on the road
  • noise
  • Trees that need to be pruned need to be trimmed and pruned trees that need to be trimmed must be trimmed
  • illegal parking

Today, the 311 system is available in most major cities and is expanding to smaller towns around the country. By diverting non-emergency calls from the 911 system, emergency personnel can concentrate on those who need it most.

How to be #national311day

  • Find out if your municipality is using the 311 system
  • If so, be sure to use it to alert non-emergency situations if possible
  • If your city doesn't have one, please encourage your city leaders to include 311 to their agenda
  • You should know that using 311, too. Make sure your friends and family know how to use it and when it will be used and when
  • On social media, one way to do it is to use #National311Day

Y in the United States' national 311 day celebrations

In 2020, seven Fellows worked with the City of San José to raise 911 and 311 response times. National 311 Day was created in partnership with Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Santa Clara County to raise the non-emergency number and recognize the "first" first responders who answer these calls and support people around the country. The first's first responders who answer these calls and assist people around the country are recognized.

311 FAQ

Is every state equipped with a 311 system? Q. Does every state have a 311 system?

A. No. A. No. A. No. st one city. About 2/3rds of U.S. states have a 311 system in at least one city. New technologies are being introduced online all the time, as well.

Q. Does 311 work with cell phones?

A. Not all of the 311 systems work with cell phones, but not all of them do. Access in your neighborhood is a must.

Q. How can I figure out if my city uses 311?

A. Visit your local or state government's website to see if 311 is available in your area.