Sat Mar 18th

National Awkward Moments Day

We celebrate National Awkward Moments Day on March 18th. Every year, there is a holiday that every person can relate to. From time to time, we've all had our bad times. They are a part of life; they just happen.

Has anyone called someone by the wrong name, tripped over nothing, stepped into a door, had the entirely wrong words come out of your mouth, or simply forgot what you were doing? The list could go on and on. Sometimes, things just don't seem to be right, and something that might make you feel like you want to run and hide.. They're either the day, today, or some other day.

How to celebrate #awkwardmomentsday.momentsdaycom

  • Find the ability to laugh at yourself, see the humor in awkward situations, and have fun with them
  • By sharing stories about them, you can relive old painful times. Laugh over them and enjoy the memory
  • Help someone else get through a difficult time. At first, they may be traumatic. They may be embarrassing at first. However, the hum in these moments shows just how human we can be.
  • Keep in mind that no one is flawless, ever
  • Dress like a cloak and laugh at yourself
  • To post on social media, use the hashtag #AwkwardMomentsDay

The national awkward moments of day history has witnessed throughout history

Although admitting it is painful, we have been unable to pinpoint the source of this uncomfortable holiday.

Awkward moments FAQ

Q. What does "socially awkward" mean?

A. First, keep in mind that anyone will experience social awkwardness. Social awkwardness refers to a sense of being out of place, an inability to recognize social cues or body language. There is no way to tell there is a difference between someone who is socially insecure may not even know there is one. For those people, it can lead to anxiety.

Q. How can I get out of an uncomfortable situation quickly?

A. There are several ways to get back from an uncomfortable situation quickly: A. There are several ways to recover from an uncomfortable situation fast:

  • Change the subject. This strategy works well in situations where someone misspoke, blurted out a mystery, or brought up a touchy topic.
  • Make an apology. We all make mistakes. Own it. If it's a cracked glass or inadvertently bringing up someone's ex, just apologise and move forward
  • Laugh it off. This tactic works for quite a few situations, and it's especially effective if you're laughing at yourself rather than someone else
  • Breathe is a fictional character from Breathe. Often one bad moment leads to another and another, resulting in the production of one big awkward event. So, take a moment and breathe.. If you must and recover in private, excuse yourself... Then get back to work out there