Wed Mar 8th

National Peanut Cluster Day

National Peanut Cluster Day is March 8th. The Peanut Cluster Day is March 8th. e mixed with peanuts makes a delectable and salty snack combo!

For peanut clusters to even exist, two things had to happen. To be processed and transformed into what we know as chocolate, a method must be developed first. That process wasn't widespread until the late 1890s and about the same time as the second extraordinary thing happened; agriculture discovered a way to grow the peanut and bring it to the public with steel tools and steam power.

Then immediately available peanuts were added to melted chocolate by confectioneries, so it didn't take long for them. Even today, the sheer simplicity of the salty peanuts added to sweetened chocolate makes it a delectable temptation few can resist. Candy makers find them to be a popular alternative to cookie tins or other holiday baskets. Bakers can quickly round out any cookie or bar tray thanks to their simplicity. They also quickly satisfy a snack craving without much effort at all.

How to celebrate #peanutclusterday, according to

  • Snack on some peanut clusters.
  • Make your own at home
  • Share some with colleagues and family...
  • Remember to post! On social media, use #PeanutClusterDay to post

The national peanut cluster day is the longest in national peanut cluster day history..

We're still looking for the source of this nutty food holiday, but we've come up empty-handed. We've a handful of peanut clusters, but that's another story.

Peanut cluster FAQ

Q. Is peanut clusters made with white chocolate? Q. Is it possible to make peanut clusters?

Yes, yes. Peanut clusters can be made with milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Q. How long do peanut clusters last?

Peanut clusters from the A. Store peanut clusters are packed in an airtight container and will keep for several months.

Q. Can peanut clusters be frozen? Q. Is peanut clusters frozen?

Yes, yes. Before freezing, seal in an air-tight, freezer-safe container.