National Promposal Day – March 11
Sat Mar 11th

National Promposal Day

Each year, National Promposal Day, March 11th, inspires the ultimate question. Will you go to prom with me? says the young girl. High school students from around North America are preparing their unique invitation to the year's best friend.

Prom takes a lot of planning. Those that haven't. Finding the right tux, the right shoes, boots, and accessories are all important. Is mom teaching you how to dance or take a dance class? Do you borrow dad's car or rent a limousine? These are just a few of the information. But that's getting ahead of schedule. On March 11th, #NationalPromposalDay, ask the question on the first question...

How to celebrate #nationalpromposalday

Prom is one of the most memorable times in high school. Start it off right with an outstanding promposal. Ask or ask, whether you're looking for a Rehearse it or wing it, but get out there and ask! Get creative about asking someone to prom and film the special moment on video on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. #NationalPromposalDay #MyUltimatePromposal #MyUniformPromposal #MyUltimatePromposal #MyUniformPromposal #MyUltimatePromposal #MyUltimatePromposal #MyUltimatePromposal #MyUltimatePromposal

National promposal Day is the oldest in national promposal day history

On March 11th, Men's Wearhouse established National Promposal Day in 2016 to inspire high school students to write the ultimate promposal.